Auricular Instruments

Auricular instruments

Care Instruments offers auricular instruments that are used by ear, nose, and throat (ENT) surgeons to diagnose and treat conditions of the ear, including ear infections, earwax build-up, and damage to the eardrum. They may also be used in the surgical treatment of conditions such as chronic ear infections, deafness, and tumors of the ear. These instruments include ear speculums, ear syringes, and otoscopes (a device used to examine the ear canal and eardrum). They may also include tools for cleaning the ear or for removing earwax, as well as specialized tools for performing ear surgeries such as drilling, cutting, and suction tools. Some products such as:
A Doyen rib raspatory is a surgical instrument featuring a length of 17.5 cm – 7″ used in thoracic surgery, specifically in procedures involving the rib cage. The instrument is used to smooth and shape the surface of the ribs during surgery. It typically has a handle and a shaft with a rasp (a tool with a rough surface) at the end.
Kistler Anthelix Cartilage Rasp features an overall length of 16 cm used to reshape and sculpt the cartilage of the ear, specifically the antihelix, which is the curved ridge of cartilage located in the upper portion of the ear.
Nagata Auricular Septum Elevator is a surgical instrument used in otolaryngology (ENT) surgery, specifically in procedures involving the ear. The instrument is used to elevate and expose the auricular septum, which is a fibrous partition that separates the cartilage and the skin of the ear.
Niro wire twisting forceps are surgical instruments used in orthopedic surgery, specifically in procedures involving fixation of bones. The instrument is used to twist and secure wires, such as Kirschner wires (K-wires), which are used to hold bones in place while they heal.
Universal wire cutting scissors are surgical instruments used in a variety of surgical procedures. They are used to cut wires, sutures, and other materials used in surgery.

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