Fiberoptic Retractors

Fiber Optic Retractors

Care instruments offer Fiber optic retractors that are surgical instruments which combine the features of a retractor and a fiber optic light source. These retractors are used in surgical procedures where illumination is needed to provide better visibility of the surgical field. They are typically used in laparoscopic, endoscopic, and minimally invasive surgical procedures.
Abdominal Retractor Fiber Optics (13 inches, 170 x 40 mm wide) is a surgical instrument used in abdominal surgeries to retract the abdominal wall and provide light to the surgical site. It is designed to provide excellent visualization of the surgical field and to minimize the amount of heat generated by the light source. Some products such as
Biggs with Fiber Optic (30mm) is a surgical instrument that is a combination of a Biggs Retractor and a fiber-optic light source. The Biggs retractor is a type of self-retaining retractor that is used to hold open and retract soft tissue during surgical procedures. The fiber-optic light source is attached to the retractor and is connected to an external light source through fiber-optic cables. This combination allows for the retraction of soft tissue and the provision of light to the surgical site simultaneously.
A C Circular Retractor, also known as a C-arm retractor, is a surgical instrument that is used to hold open and retract soft tissue during surgical procedures. It is typically made of stainless steel and is designed in a circular shape, which allows for easy access to the surgical site and a wide field of view. The retractor has a C-shape design, which allows the surgeon to retract soft tissue in the shape of a “C” and access the surgical site.
Tebbetts Retractor is a specialized surgical instrument that is used in ophthalmic surgical procedures. It is an insulated retractor, which means it is designed to prevent electrical current from flowing through the retractor and causing tissue damage.

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