Endoscopic Instruments - Face, Forehead and Brow lift

Endoscopic Instruments

Care Instruments offer Endoscopic instruments that Features Elevators, Dissectors, Suction Elevators, Daniel Endoscopic Forceps, Graspers and Scissors.

Endoscopic Brow Lift Dissectors are used in endoscopic brow lift procedures. These procedures achieve a raised forehead and brow line and are often referred to as a “Brow Lift” or “Forehead Lift”. These Endoscopic forehead dissectors are inserted through small incisions at the top of the scalp and have ergonomic handles for optimal surgeon comfort while performing these procedures.

Dissectors for use in endoscopic brow lift procedures feature Sharp and blunt tips, Rounded or T blades with optional suction and Straight or curved shafts, Contoured shafts make it easier for the surgeon to dissect the forehead areas while straight shafts are used on the temporal dissections on the outer edges of the forehead.

Popular patterns include Ramirez Type  Daniel, Hester Release, and Inner-Forehead Orbital and Scalp.

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