Scalpel Handle & Blade remover

Scalpel Handle

Scalpel-Handle-CATEGORYCare Instruments offer Scalpel handle that are essential tool in surgical procedures for dissection. Surgical scalpels consist of two parts, a blade, and a handle. Scalpel Handles are widely known as “BP” handles.

Our Scalpel Handle Category includes a wide range of reusable Scalpel Knife Handles, from flat handles, Round Knurled Handles, and Bayonet Shaped Handles that allow to perform delicate dissections and work around obstructions, and access deep tissue.

The Flat Handles are commonly used for both round and straight incisions and are suitable for long cuts in general surgery procedures. On the other hand, The Round Handles allow the surgeon to rotate the scalpel between the thumb and finger. They are considered better instruments for curved incisions.

Instruments for safely removal of Scalpel blades, Blade Holders, and Blade Breakers are also included in this category.

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