Crile Artery Forceps

Crile Artery Forceps

Crile Artery Forceps

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Crile Artery Forceps are a specialized type of surgical instrument available in verity of sizes and shapes used to grasp and manipulate tissue, control bleeding, clip vessels, and retrieve foreign objects during surgical procedures.

  • Stainless Steel
  • Reusable
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Crile Artery Forceps

Care Instruments offer Crile Artery Forceps featuring overall length of 14 cm – 5 1/2″, 14.5 cm – 5 3/4″ with straight, curved, straight serrated 1 x 2 teeth and curved serrated 1 x 2 teeth working ends used to clamp and hold blood vessels during surgical procedures. It is primarily used to  clamp off or hold blood vessels or other tissues and control blood flow during surgery.

They are specialized haemostatic forceps use to clamp and secure blood vessels, such as arteries, during surgical procedures. The jaws have a straight and curved profile to suit multiple applications. The 1 x 2 toothed optional patterns promote enhanced clamping.

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Working End

Serrated, Serrated With 1 x 2 Teeth


Curved, Straight


14 cm – 5 1/2", 14.5 cm – 5 3/4"

Crile Artery Forceps

Product Code: PH90586, 103-10187-141

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