Negus Mouth Gag

Negus Mouth Gag

Negus Mouth Gag

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Negus Mouth Gag comes with a Frame and a Tounge Depressors, featuring a fenestrated suction tube for optimal drainage

Complete Set Includes:

  1. Negus Mouth Gag Frame
  2. Tounge Depressor with Suction 20mm x 70mm
  3. Tounge Depressor with Suction 30mm x 80mm
  4. Tounge Depressor with Suction 33mm x 90mm
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Negus Mouth Gag is used in a wide of surgical and dental procedures. Its primary use is to separate the top and bottom dental arches without harming the temporomandibula joint. Negus Tongue Depressor features a curved blade that accommodates the jawbone with the comfort it provides an atraumatic way to press down the tongue and drain saliva and other fluids during oral surgery. The blade’s edges include a fenestrated suction tube for optimal drainage.

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